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Meet the team

Greg Denn – Managing Director

Greg Denn – Managing Director

With over 40 years of engineering experience in solar and agricultural technology, Greg is possibly one of the world’s leading experts in these combined fields.

He is also a seasoned business owner having founded and managed three successful enterprises, including Project Support Services in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands. More recently, he was a founder of Agsol and was CTO for 5 years. Supposedly retired, he is now our CEO and looks for every opportunity to get back into our workshop.

Greg Denn – Managing Director

Vina Zhong – Procurement and Sales Manager

Vina has extensive experience of logistics, procurement and sales working in various industries across China. She has excellent knowledge of international supply chains – especially with goods moving between China and Africa. She is a director and strong driving force within the company in Africa and, remarkably, still manages to supervise all operations in our China-based entity, YME. Somehow, she also runs marathons and is a great mum to her Seven-year-old son.



PSS began providing integrated consulting, design, and supply services for agricultural feed processing machinery in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.


PSS are a key partner in developing Barefoot Power’s initial products and business model.


After nearly a decade, our team had grown to 35 personnel and we established a logistics facility in Hong Kong with a factory near Shenzhen, China. This allowed us to serve and support international clients.


PSS are instrumental in providing technical support and product development to Village Infrastructure Angels in the Pacific Islands, Indonesia, and the Philippines.


A new company – Agsol – was formed in 2016 to build on the early success of PSS solarising small agro machines.


PSS sets up in Nairobi, Kenya with strong partnerships with Agsol and Village Infrastructure Angels.


We are fortunate to have built strong partnerships with some fantastic companies and organisations over the years. It is through these links that we are able to maximise our impact towards global sustainable mechanisation.

Regional Distributors

For over 25 years from its inception in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands, Project Support Services (PNG) Ltd have been supporting rural development, continuously providing solutions for farm mechanization and renewable energy.

Local NGOs

Working closely with PSS since their inception 10 years ago, Village Infrastructure Angels continue to be a vital partner in delivering services throughout East Africa and beyond.

Financial Institutions

Since being spun off from PSS as a separate company in 2016, Agsol has remained a close partner. They are now manufacturing one of the most efficient maize milling machines in the world.

Regional Distributors

YME is part of our corporate group and provides us with procurement and logistics facilities in China along with manufacturing support.